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NMC Launches Website Design for County Councilman in Maryland

CARRBORO, NC - New Media Campaigns recently launched the campaign website for Montgomery county council candidate, Roger Berliner. The campaign website gives the candidate a powerful online presence and establishes Berliner as leader in the community.

Looking to set himself apart from other council candidates, Berliner embraced the utility of the Internet to successfully leverage his campaign. New Media designed and developed a robust website that would serve as a central hub of information throughout the election cycle.

New Media also implemented their content management system on the website. Their system gives the campaign team the flexibility to add and edit content on the site, display photos in a gallery, collect donations, and develop a voter contact database through voluntary email registration.

Known for their democratic website design, New Media created the website so that it would best serve voters looking for more information concerning Berliner and his stance on issues. The design also highlights endorsements from supporters with a homepage rotation of endorser's names.

New Media Campaigns has worked on over 100 campaign websites varying from local to national elections. Each site is custom-designed to best fit the candidate's goals and to best fit voters' needs. New Media continues to expand their client base, not only among political candidates, but also in  areas like economic development and university web design