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NMC Launches Harris Cloud Computing Site

New Media Campaigns has designed and developed the new site for Harris, Inc.'s newest division -- Cloud Computing. Inbound marketing agency PR 20/20 provided strategy and an enormous amount of content, which NMC then incorporated into a highly functional and attractive website.

Since the site is marketing a complex service to savvy b2b customers (CTOs, CIOs, etc.), it was important that the design was clean, modern, and elegant.  NMC placed an emphasis on using white space to balance the design and frame the site and made sure that each graphic element served a specific purpose in the visual hierarchy.  Call to action icons punctuate the site and encourage visitors to dive deeper into the site by clicking on related resources or downloading free give-aways.

Harris home

Using ExpressionEngine as the Content Mangement System, we launched the site on the established domain to tie it into the larger parent company and also to help with search engine optimization. ExpressionEngine allows the site to be launched into the Cloud itself--Harris isn't selling something it doesn't believe in and use itself.

In addition to building out the site onto the CMS, NMC also worked closely with Harris to ensure that the site was equipped with sophisticated features to help them engage, track, and capture leads.  All of the forms on the site are integrated with Harris' existing CRM system, allowing them to have all of their customer data stored in a single location.  Furthermore, the forms track vital lead metrics such as referring source, keywords used to find the site, path to submission, and more.  With each form, NMC also setup a custom email responder that engages registrants and provides helpful options for other ways they can leverage the site.

Featuring a sortable blog, white pages, and contact forms, the new site is interactive and inviting, encouraging visitors to learn about the relatively new and developing concept of Cloud Computing and its powerful benefits. Beyond that, the experience is tailored to help visitors navigate to relevant information about how Cloud Computing might apply to them specifically.