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NMC Launches Governors Campaign Website Design for Pennsylvania

CARRBORO, N.C. - New Media Campaigns is proud to announce the launch of a new website for Mayor Chris Doherty's big for Governor of Pennsylvania.  The site features a prominent homepage image rotation, highlighting the candidate's goals and a jobs center to help Pennsylvanians find jobs in a tough economy. The newly designed site can be seen at

NMC was recommended to the campaign as excellent political website designers that could help the campaign craft an impressive online presence.  The company complimented the website launch with an online ad buy to achieve immediate exposure of the campaign.

The site is built on New Media Campaigns' Content Management System, giving the campaign full control over all of the content and media on the site.  The campaign is planning on using the CMS to keep Pennsylvania voters frequently updated on campaign news and supply education and job resources.

"We are very excited to work with Mayor Doherty," said NMC lead project manager Clay Schossow. " He's a motivated and experienced candidate, which allows him to really take advantage of the CMS and leverage the web to accomplish his campaign goals."