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NMC Launches Congressional Campaign Website for Mark Critz

Site serves as a center of information for closely-watched race

New Media Campaigns recently launched the campaign site for Mark Critz, candidate in the special election for the late John Murtha's congressional seat.  The site informs voters of Critz' stance on various issues as well as encourages them to donate, volunteer, and sign up for campaign updates.

One of the closest watched races in the country, NMC was able to launch the site in under ten days allowing the campaign to take advantage of the media attention. The races is one of four key primary races identified in this election season, driving a lot of traffic to Critz' website.

The website pulls feeds in from various social media sites, highlighting Critz' involvement with his constituents online.  The site also relays recent news and updates to voters as the campaign updates the website through an optional RSS feed. 

The campaign continues to attract visitors and encourage involvement as election day approaches in May. New Media Campaigns continues to work with other current political campaigns including fellow Pennsylvanian politician, Chris Doherty, running for state senate.