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NMC Building Website for Assisted Living Comparison Experts

New Media Campaigns is excited to begin working with Assisted Living Comparison Experts in helping them build their new web presence for consumers and assisted living providers.  NMC recently launched a beta site as the first step for Assisted Living Comparison Experts. This service, housed at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is focused on providing consumers with detailed, unbiased information on local assisted living communities to help them make an educated decision about which settings to visit when choosing assisted living.  It also helps assisted living providers share information about what services they provide.

The current site is focused on gathering  information from assisted living communities around North Carolina. When the full site launches this summer, it will use this information about specific communities to help people find settings that meet their needs.

The Assisted Living Comparison Experts site in its current form lets communities create their own profile by filling out a comprehensive questionnaire aimed at gathering all of the information that would be relevant to the consumer. This information is then added to an extensive directory of all licensed residential care and assisted living communities.

This  service is mutually beneficial to both communities and potential residents. Communities are given an outlet to share information and services, post and respond to comments and link back to their website, while consumers will have full access to this information, facilitating an easier and more informed decision-making process.  
When the full site launches, it will feature a robust search and comparison engine that will help match people with communities that fit their desired criteria.