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NMC Designs Website for Leadership Institute

NMC recently launched a media-heavy website for the Authentic Leadership Institute, an organization offering leadership development programs based on the bestselling book, True North.   NMC also developed a website for Bill George, the author of True North.

ALI needed a website to appropriately articulate their leadership philosophies and share their program with the world.  They also wanted the site to feature online shopping and to function as a news source for upcoming conferences. 

NMC developed a website with a custom multimedia template featuring videos and pictures.  A collection of online videos includes testimonials, team-member interviews, and valuable leadership advice.   NMC designed the photo gallery to pull images from the company’s Flickr account, a technique used to get the company on multiple media platforms and expand their web presence.    

The website is now better equipped to be an information center for the institute.   Information about the company’s services and programs can easily be found by any visitor.  In addition, visitors can choose to sign up for the mailing list to regularly receive updates.

ALI’s new website was developed on NMC’s own HiFi content management system.  This user friendly CMS allows the organization to quickly and easily update content, pictures and videos. 

New Media Campaigns, located in Carrboro, NC, has launched over 500 websites.  The team works with non-profits, universities, and businesses across the nation to establish a unique online presence and improve their business.