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NMC Designs Site for Friends of Wake County

New Media Campaigns recently designed a website for Friends of Wake County.  The site’s goal is to educate and encourage Wake County voters to vote in favor of an upcoming school bond referendum.  The referendum, which is up for a vote on October 8th, would provide funding for schools in Wake County.  The main objective of the site is to educate voters on all aspects of the referendum.  Overall, the site was designed with simplicity and navigability in mind.

The blue and green accented site has several features that keep Friends of Wake County’s objective at the forefront so voters may be educated and then prompted to take action.  As far as educating voters is concerned, the homepage features an informative video, a stream of updated news stories, and point-by-point explanations of the group’s main points.  If visitors have questions, there is a FAQs page to address the most common concerns and questions.

Taking action is made effortless on the site, as well.  A rotating banner hangs on every page, encouraging voters to support the referendum.  The homepage contains a call-to-action section that directs visitors to pages where they can learn more about the building program, the cost to taxpayers, and why voters should want to use bonds. In addition to these features, visitors can make donations or get involved by requesting a yard sign or speaker.  Buttons in the header direct visitors to information on how exactly to do this. 

This site will act as a very useful tool in engaging voters and NMC was proud to have worked on a project for passionate clients such as Friends of Wake County.