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NMC Designs Congressional Campaign Website for Paul Hirschbiel

New Media Campaigns is excited to announce the launch of Paul Hirschbiel's campaign website as he seeks election as a US Congressman. Designed and developed on NMC's HiFi Content Management System, Mr. Hirschbiel's site illustrates NMC's ability to quickly build out a robust political site, with this one coming together in under two weeks. Featuring calls to action, a straightforward and attractive site design, and the flexibility of HiFi, the site is full featured, easy to manage, and ready to help Mr. Hirschbiel promote his platform through a multi-channel internet campaign.

PH home

Donations, volunteers, and communication are all crucial elements of any successful political campaign. To promote visitor participation, some key tabs are highlighted in yellow, including a "Contribute" tab on the homepage and an inline "Sign Up for Updates" at the bottom of the page to catch visitors who have scrolled down and read Mr. Hirschbiel's recent campaign news. It is also very important for politicians to connect with their constituents, and to that end Mr. Hirschbiel's face is featured on the homepage and visitors can find out more about the candidate and his platform on the About Paul and Issues sections. The site also features rotating background images of Norfolk, Virginia, which is in Mr. Hirschbiel's congressional district.

Navigation through the site is aided by visual thumbnails, A "Sign Up for Updates" drop down menu on the homepage, and a streamlined, logical menu system. The donation feature leverages the NGP donation API to accept contributions on the site but process and record them into NGP, keeping the visitor on the site and learning more about the candidate.

Other important features of the site include integration with popular social media channels, and a Features section at the bottom of the homepage that shows the most recent news, tweets, and Facebook updates from Mr. Hirschbiel, all updated automatically when he posts something to one of those sites. A News section allows visitors to dig deeper into the site, and an Action Center encourages visitors to contribute to the campaign through donations, volunteering, endorsing the candidate, or otherwise becoming involved.

The end result is a website that integrates many different social channels into a central site with multiple avenues to learn more about the candidate, contribute to his campaign, and become involved in his election effort. Because the site is developed on HiFi, content management by the campaign team is easy, and the integration with social media ensures that news and information can be spread quickly, easily, and automatically. We wish the best of luck to Mr. Hirschbiel on his campaign trail and we are proud to include his site amongst the many other political campaign websites that we have designed and developed.