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NMC Creates Site for Alabama Values Education

New Media Campaigns recently launched Alabama Values Education, an initiative that was started by the Alabama Education Association. The initiative was created to support the Alabama education system in response to the state cutting more funding per student than any other state in the past five years. The main objectives for the site were to promote awareness of the education issues facing Alabama right now, educate the public on the organization, and enable visitors to the site to take action.

There are several pages and features throughout the site that support these objectives. Visitors are able to sign up for regular updates from the organization right on the home page.  A ‘Sign-Up’ tab is also located on each of the interior pages in a useful sidebar. Visitors are also encouraged to get involved by writing letters to the editors of local publications, senators, and representatives. To make raising awareness as simple as possible, a ‘Help Us Spread the Word’ page was created to allow visitors to promote the cause through email and social media.

The site’s design can be described as bright, airy, and optimistic, with sweeping feature photos of smiling teachers and a patriotic color palette. Contributing to the visual appeal of the site is a video feed.

Features such as a downloadable spreadsheet of visitors who have signed up will allow managers of the site to keep track of information. NMC built the site on the HiFi Content Management System, which will allow site managers to independently update the site. NMC is confident that this site will enable the Alabama Education Association to maximize the organization’s impact.