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New Media Campaigns Designs User Interface for Automated Messaging System

Carrboro, N.C. - New Media Campaigns, a full service web design and marketing firm, recently collaborated with ShoutPoint to design the user interface for their automated messaging software.  New Media worked closely with ShoutPoint's executives and development team to design an interface that is intuitive for users, while still giving them access to a multitude of tools offered by the software.

The new design will be the centerpiece of the user experience for ShoutPoint's clients.  The design was shaped around ShoutPoint's corporate branding and the expanded functionality programmed into the new release of their software.  New Media designed several different interior page styles for the different functional areas of the software's backend.  The new design allows users to easily manage different campaigns, update and manage their contact lists, view campaign statistics, and much more.  The design allows users easy access to a multitude of powerful features built into the ShoutPoint backend.

"This was the first time we had developed the user interface for a company in this industry," said Clay Schossow, New Media Campaigns' project manager. "However, after a fair amount of research and really helpful feedback from ShoutPoint, we were able to design an interface that will really set ShoutPoint apart from competitors and help their clients leverage this powerful software."

ShoutPoint has a mass-hosted inbound and outbound automated voice messaging infrastructure throughout North America that provides businesses the ability to have a flexible dialing infrastructure on demand. ShoutPoint's flexibility allows many industries to leverage their network as their clients focus on their vertical market and ShoutPoint focuses on optimizing its software and network redundancy and efficiency. In addition, ShoutPoint provides software companies the ability to integrate their dialing engine with other companies' software. Businesses often look at Shoutpoint as a technology enabler that provides them with a voice engine.

"New Media assisted us in creating a new user interface design that was well thought out," said ShoutPoint's VP of Sales and Marketing, Elisa Henry.  "They guided us through various different thought processes that they brought to us from their past experience. As a result our users will have an interface that will have a fresh look and feel as well as a more logical process to follow."

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