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Louisiana Gubernatorial Candidate Signs With NMC

Louisiana senator turns to company to create online presence in campaign efforts

Research Triangle Park, N.C.-New Media Campaigns, a pioneer in providing Web development tools and Internet-based marketing solutions to empower political campaigns, nonprofit companies and businesses, is pleased to announce that it has signed Louisiana's Sen. Walter Boasso as a client. Boasso, who has represented the state's 1st Congressional District since 2003, is running for governor of Louisiana.

After graduation from the University of New Orleans, Boasso began a company with little more than soap and a brush. Today this business, Boasso America Corporation, for which he serves as CEO and president, operates tank container facilities in Louisiana, South Carolina, Illinois, Michigan, Texas and Florida, and its services include tank testing, cleaning and repair and safe transport for bulk liquid materials. His work in the Senate has included advocating levee reform and revamping Louisiana's retirement system without drawing on employee benefits. He led an effort that resulted in the creation of the Louisiana Waterways Infrastructure and Development Fund and Bank to monitor intrastate, interstate and international commerce. Due to such work, the Alliance for Good Government selected him as Legislator of the Year in 2004 and 2006.

The decision to run for governor meant the need for new campaign outlets for Boasso to share his vision of a government that will not detach itself from those it governs. He found such an outlet through signing with New Media Campaigns, which will create a unique Web site to serve as the springboard for his campaign.

"Senator Boasso has done a tremendous amount for the residents of his district in just a few years, and we are thrilled to be a part of his effort to help all of Louisiana by campaigning to serve as its governor," said Zach Clayton, New Media Campaigns' founder. "Our work with Senator Boasso will be our second opportunity to work with a gubernatorial client, and we aim to make our efforts excel by using Flash technology to make his campaign videos and other multimedia offerings an integral part of his Web site."

New Media Campaigns uses leading and groundbreaking technology to help clients like Boasso transform basic HTML Web sites into unique platforms of cost-effective marketing designed to better reach voters and constituents. The company's Web-based software gives clients the tools necessary for every phase of a powerful online campaign, from managing content to creating personally tailored blogs and specialized e-mail operations.