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Congressional Candidate Turns to NMC

Ohio's Padgett finds an effective way to reach wider audience with Web efforts

Research Triangle Park, N.C.-New Media Campaigns, a pioneer in providing Internet-based marketing solutions and Web development tools to enrich the work of political campaigns, nonprofit organizations and businesses, is pleased to announce the launch of a Web site for Ohio Sen. Joy Padgett, who is running for election to serve Congress in the state's 18th Congressional District.

Padgett, who served as a state representative from 1993-1999, has also served as a senator in Ohio's 20th District since 2000. A former business owner and educator, she has served on numerous committees, including the finance and financial institutions, human services and aging, health and highway and transportation committees. She has also served as vice chairwoman of the agriculture committee and chair of the education committee.

Though well-known because of such extensive work, Padgett also strives for increased visibility in the upcoming election as she seeks to inform voters about what she will do in Congress. To better reach constituents, she partnered with New Media Campaigns to create a visually appealing and well-organized Web site.

"We are proud to begin working with Senator Padgett," said Joel Sutherland, a partner in New Media Campaigns. "She has already spent more than a decade serving Ohio, and we look forward to being a part of her journey to continue this service."

New Media Campaigns uses leading and groundbreaking technology to help clients like Padgett transform basic HTML Web sites into unique platforms of cost-effective marketing designed to better reach voters and constituents. The company's Web-based software gives clients the tools necessary for every phase of an online marketing campaign, from managing content to creating specialized e-mail operations.