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Business Coaching Company Gets New Website

N.C. company reaches Internet audience with help of New Media Campaigns

Research Triangle Park, N.C.-New Media Campaigns, an innovative leader in providing Web development tools and Internet-based marketing solutions to enhance the work of businesses, nonprofit organizations and political campaigns, is pleased to announce the launch of a Web site for North Carolina consulting firm Strategy Performance LLC.

Strategy Performance, a pioneer in performance improvement, is located in Rocky Mount, N.C., and aims to achieve its motto-"transform knowledge into measurable results"-through offering businesses and individuals a range of services in consulting, training and coaching. The company provides businesses with events planning specialists, a creative services team and secret shopper teams to help them meet an array of needs and garner customer feedback. It also offers performance coaches and life coaches to professionals and individuals. Clients requesting Strategy Performance's services come from across the United States and Canada.

With such a wide variety of services and products, the company needed a way to introduce and explain these offerings to the public without overwhelming Internet viewers. They found it in partnering with New Media Campaigns to create a well-organized Web site with links for different types of consulting and coaching services, an e-commerce tool to allow people to buy sessions or securely register for public workshops, and separate private log-in pages for registered members.

"Strategy Performance provides diverse types of consulting and training assistance that support so many other companies and individuals," said Joel Sutherland, a partner in New Media Campaigns. "We are excited and proud to be part of their efforts."

New Media Campaigns uses groundbreaking technology to help clients like Strategy Performance transform basic HTML Web sites into unique vehicles of cost-effective marketing designed to better reach a wider audience. The company's Web-based software gives clients the tools necessary for every phase of an online marketing campaign, from managing content to creating specialized e-mail operations.