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Breaking the mold: NMC strays from blue or red for Gubernatorial candidate's website design

CARRBORO, NC - As an experience political web design firm, New Media Campaigns knows that red and blue are the industry standard for the primary colors on political websites. But they went with gold instead for the Rhode Island Gubernatorial candidate, Patrick Lynch.

"The candidate wanted to stand out," said project manager Clay Schossow. "He's not about the politics, he's about his state."

The campaign website features Rhode Island's state colors of gold, blue and white as well as the anchor from the state flag. The state flag is prominently featured in the upper, right-hand corner of every page.

NMC equipped the Rhode Island-focused design with its proprietary content management system to give the candidate complete control over the information on his website. Their system gives the campaign team the flexibility to add and edit content on the site, control a homepage photo rotation, collect donations, and develop a voter contact database through voluntary email registration.

"For us it's about the tools," said Schossow. "We want to give our clients the tools they need to win."