Josh Lockhart

Sr. Developer

Josh is a senior developer at New Media Campaigns. He's worked for New Media Campaigns since 2007 and spearhead development for many of NMC’s most advanced and highest profile client projects.

Josh maintains a balance between client-side and server-side development using tools like PHP, Javascript, jQuery, Underscore, and Backbone. He also help automate many of NMC's internal project development tasks using Puppet and Vagrant. Most recently, He's learned Drupal, a popular content management framework for large data-driven websites.

In his spare time, Josh creates and participates with open source projects. He created and maintain the Slim Framework, a popular PHP micro-framework that makes it easy to develop RESTful web applications and APIs with PHP. Josh also created and maintain PHP The Right Way, a popular initiative in the PHP community to demonstrate PHP best practices, accepted coding standards, and links to authoritative tutorials around the Web.

Josh graduated from the Information and Library Science program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2008 and currently reside in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with his wife and two dogs.

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