Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative

New Media Campaigns recently developed a site for Smart Grid, a non-profit organization that aims to modernize the country’s energy system through sustainable and reliable smart grid technology.

Smart Grid wants people to be excited about and aware of the benefits its technology can offer in place of the current electrical system. NMC developed an interactive illustration on the homepage to inform visitors about the industry right from the start. People can click on each item to read fun facts that highlight the technology’s benefits.

The reasoning behind people’s decision to switch to cleaner fuels is highly important to Smart Grid. NMC boiled down these reasons into four core groups, creating a visual display of them on the homepage with messages that would relate to the reasoning of visitors.

Since it’s a new technology, NMC wanted to give people access to information regarding the state of energy usage. Research and resources were made readily available to visitors on a single page, cleanly organized by the different types of resources.

To highlight the numerous benefits of Smart Grid, NMC created a “Success Stories” page that allows customers to submit their positive experience with the technology and gives visitors access to customers’ testimonials.