Epicenterone Support

Editing the Page Titles, Meta Description and Meta Keywords

The Content Management System allows you to easily edit each page's Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords for search engine optimization. Below is a brief summary of what the Title and Meta Data is exactly as well as instuctions for how to change them.

Title: This text shows up in the title bar of the web browser and in search engine results. It may appear blank initially but is actually defaulting to the Title you inserted and is the main heading of your page.

Meta Description: This area can be used to give a general summary (in 150 characters or less) as to what the page is about. Search engines will display this summary instead of the page's first 150 characters when the page shows up in a search result. 

Meta Keywords: This area can be used to establish comma-delimited keywords that outline the concepts in the content of the page for search engines.

To edit the meta data on a page:

  1. Click on the Search Engine Optimization link beneath the page Title
  2. Add meta information to the fields
  3. Click Save