Epicenterone Support

Building a Form

New Media Campaigns’ backend will allow you to build forms, and then manage an online database of recipients.

  1. Go to the backend of your website by going to www.yourdomain.com/control/.  Click the contacts button in the main menu and select Forms from the sub-menu
  2.  From there, select New Form in the sidebar (highlighted below).  Give your new form a title and immediately save your form after giving it a title.
  3. After saving your form, select the Fields tab.  Give your field a title – this is the text that will prompt people to fill out the Field.
  4. Using the Type dropdown menu (highlight), choose what type of field you would like.
  5. The User Field menu will control if this field will populate a standard element of the database.  Use the User Field menu to see if the field you created matches any standard database fields – if it does, select that option and the field’s data will automatically populate the corresponding database element.  *NOTE – even if you select None, the data will be saved in the backend, just not as a main database element
  6. Select Add Field to make your form’s first field
  7. Repeat this process for all of the fields on your form; as you add fields, you should see the layout display below.
  8. When creating a multi-checkbox question, each checkbox is its own field and the title of the question should have a Field type of 'Label'.
  9. Click Save at the bottom of the screen to save the form
  10. To place the form on your site, go to the Include tab and copy the text (by pressing ctrl + c) in the Include field
  11. Paste the text (by pressing ctrl + v) in the body of the page where you want the form to appear. 
  12. Congratulations – you’ve created a form!
  13. OPTIONAL: You can add email notifications to the form by adding email addresses to the 'Notifications' field that appears when you click 'Form Details' (highlighted below).
  14. OPTIONAL: You can add a redirect so that once the form is created, the user is automatically redirected to a Thank You page or any other page on the site by filling out the 'Redirect' field in the 'Form Details' dropdown.

    The format for creating redirects is "../page/end-of-url". This may read "../page/thank-you" or "../page/thanks" depending on the end of your Thank You page's URL.