NMC Launches Website for Gammon, Howard & Zeszotarski

August 2, 2012

New Media Campaigns recently launched the website for Gammon, Howard & Zeszotarski, a law firm in NC.  Each of the firm’s attorneys brings unique experience to the table.  Josh Howard, founder of Gammon, Howard & Zeszotarski, has litigated cases in every federal court in North Carolina.  Rick Gammon has received recognition for his accomplishments including the Bunn Memorial Award for graduating first in his Police Academy class in 1973. Joe Zeszotarski was recognized by Law & Politics as one of the “Top 100” lawyers in North Carolina in 2010.

NMC’s mission was to create a website that would demonstrate the combined expertise of this firm.  With a lot of experience in designing and developing law firm websites, NMC was confident they could deliver an excellent site to this particular client.

Gammon, Howard & Zeszotarski wanted a clean, professional site to represent their firm.  NMC’s designers set out to formulate a design in line with these criteria while establishing a unique look to distinguish the firm.  The clean lines and the jet black and charcoal color of the background design are sharp and sophisticated, elegantly paired with golden yellow text to complement the historic charm of their new office building in downtown Raleigh.  Pictures of their office are showcased in the homepage rotation.

NMC developed this site on the HiFi Content Management System, allowing the firm to easily update their site for better search engine optimization. The News and Blog page hosts articles and posts about Gammon, Howard & Zeszotarski’s latest involvement.The Latest Articles feed on the homepage pulls from this page to capture the viewer’s attention. Detailed bio pages offer information about each attorney’s experiences in law along with their education.  Making a lasting impression on visitors can be a crucial factor in the success of a law firm’s website since experience has shown that these pages often make up a large percentage of page views. 

New Media Campaigns enjoyed collaborating with Gammon, Howard & Zeszotarski on this project and is proud to add this site to NMC’s Portfolio.  

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