Lisa Smith

Front-end Developer

Lisa is a former librarian turned web developer. She’s been working online since before there was a Google.  Prior to joining New Media Campaigns, she built and maintained complex content management systems and did both front and back-end development. During that time, she worked with a number of prominent clients including Vermont Creamery and AdventureSmith Explorations (a couple of her personal favorites). At New Media Campaigns, Lisa is able to focus on her true passion: front-end development. 
Lisa has a Bachelor of Arts from James Madison University where she majored in both English Composition and Library Science along with a minor in Music Education. She continued her education at the University of North Carolina, earning a Master of Science in Library Science. 
In addition to writing clean, usable code, Lisa cooks and bakes for friends and family, often testing untried recipes on large unsuspecting crowds. She likes Guitar Hero, food trucks of every sort, impromptu living room raves and spending time with her two daughters.